Kayka's earliest memories of music are of the music boxes and wind up music dolls that played classical music she listened to as a small child. So by age 8 when she began piano lessons, she already had a great love of beautiful instrumental music. 

In her teens and early 20s, she studied the classical piano works of Beethoven,  Chopin,  and Bach with the now late concert pianist Ludmilla Kent. But her teens were an energetic time where she started playing guitar and singing and she spent years thereafter playing rock music as a singer songwriter and performing in cover bands and acoustic acts. Although she continued to play instrumental piano,  it was mostly at home.

As years went on, she discovered a love of New Age piano music by composers like Ludovico Einaudi as a place of peace and solace. She  taught herself to play a repertoire of these pieces at home and went to new age music concerts to relax and for personal fulfillment. Then after years of writing and releasing songs as a singer songwriter,  her creative energy turned to the beautiful instrumental piano style she embraced and she became inspired to compose her own piano pieces.  She began by posting videos of them on social media and started a separate Facebook,  Instagram, Tik tok and YouTube channel  under the name "Kayka Yano". Her single “ Snowfall” and album “Forget Me Not” are available on all streaming platforms.  She continues her passion to compose and is currently recording future material, stay tuned!